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NEW Retail Blackberry HS500 HS-500 Dual Mic A2DP Bluetooth Headset

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    The HS-500 features one-button access to voice dialing and answer, end, and mute controls. The wireless device includes automatic volume adjustment and background noise canceling. Users can also listen to voice-guided turn-by-turn directions when using the headset with a BlackBerry and a supported navigation app.

     Key Features:

    • Dual Microphones & Noise Cancellation
    • Dedicated On/Off Power Switch
    • A2DP Enabled, GPS Mapping Turn-By-Turn Directions Announced
    • Includes Vehicle Power Adapter to Keep Your Headset Fully Charged ¿ Even on the Road
    • Universal Bluetooth Connection For Any Bluetooth Equipped Handset
    Get the freedom of hands-free calling with the easy-to-use BlackBerry® Wireless Headset HS-500. With the simple touch of a button, you can answer, end, and mute calls, or activate voice dialing, even while you're juggling your keys and coffee in the morning.
    Plus, the volume automatically adjusts and background noise is reduced, so your calls and turn-by-turn directions can be heard loud and clear in noisy environments. With the quality and performance you expect from a BlackBerry product, the BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-500 fits your life so you can hit the road with confidence.


    Technical Specification:

    • Call control button - control calling features like, answer, end, mute and voice activated dialing with the press of a button
    • Automatic volume control and noise cancelation - hear and be heard loud and clear in noisy environments
    • Works with selected third-party
    • GPS mapping applications - listen to turn-by-turn directions.

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