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Otterbox Defender Case Series for Nokia Lumia 900

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    The Defender Series Nokia Lumia 900 case gives you three layers of indestructible protection that won’t slow you down. The durable polycarbonate inner shell snaps together around the device to provide solid impact protection. A screen protector is built into the polycarbonate layer, preventing scratches and smudges without compromising the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Inside the polycarbonate shell there’s memory foam padding to cradle the Lumia 900 and provide additional shock absorption.

    The silicone outer layer wraps around the inner polycarbonate shell to provide a solid, uniform defense around the Lumia 900. Silicone plugs cover the main ports of the Lumia, including the power and volume buttons, charging port and headphone jack. A belt clip is included and can attach to almost anything at any angle. Protect your Nokia Lumia 900 with a Defender Series case and don’t get caught without protection.


    • Nokia Lumia 900

    Key Features:

    • Complete functionality of the device through the Nokia Lumia 900 Defender Series case, including the microphone, speaker, camera and flash
    • Silicone plugs cover the main openings of the phone, including volume controls, power button, and headphone jack
    • Three layers of protection include a silicone inner layer and a polycarbonate outer layer
    • Rotating holster with belt clip attaches to almost anything and can accommodate the device in any direction. Face the screen outward for use or face inward for ultimate protection.
    • Dimensions:5.44 in x 3.04 in x 0.73 in / 138.1 mm x 77.2 mm x 18.6 mm Weight:6.88 oz / 195 g

    ƒƒTechnical Specification:

    • SCREEN PROTECTION: Built-in screen protector prevents scratches
    • ƒƒOUTER LAYER: Durable silicone absorbs bump and shock
    • ƒƒINNER LAYER: Polycarbonate shell provides solid impact protection
    • ƒƒMemory foam pads cradle device inside the case and provide additional shock absorption
    • ƒƒHOLSTER: Belt clip doubles as a media viewing stand
    • Built-in screen protector prevents scratches to the touchscreen while retaining sensitivity
    • Two-piece polycarbonate inner layer snaps together to form a snug fit around the Lumia 900
    • Rugged silicone outer layer wraps around the polycarbonate inner layer to create a solid defense against oopsies like drops and shocks

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