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iWALKUSA 2000 Chameleon 2000mAh Battery Case for iPhone 4

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    IWALK Chameleon iPhone 4S/4 battery case is a sleek, protective for the iPhone 4S/4. There is no need to sacrifice the beauty of your iPhone 4S/4 with some clumsy looking case - the hardshell casing of IWALK Chameleon wraps snugly around your iPhone 4S/4 to give it maximum protection while enhancing the look and feel of the iPhone 4S/4 itself.


    5 Bumper cases of White/Matt Black/Yellow/Red/Green are supplied in the box, which is why it is called "Chameleon".


    In addition, IWALK Chameleon has ON/OFF switch that turns on the extra power only when required. The IWALK Chameleon cases are designed specifically for iPhone4 and have been certified by Apple, Inc. as a "Made for iPhone"(MFi) product.

    Gorgeously In-Style:

    • IWALK Chameleon Extended Battery's lightweight but sturdy case blends style and functionality into one rechargeable, smart battery.

    Always Mobile:

    • You do not need to take your iPhone4 out of the IWALK Chameleon. This brilliant and handy pack of power energy will assure you'll always be on the go. You can simply recharge and sync it at home or at your office.

    Reliable and Durable:

    • IWALK Chameleon have passed the rigorous tests to comply with Apple's industry standards. After all, they were especially designed for iPhone4.

    Charge Ahead:

    • IWALK Chameleon Extended Battery does not only keep you connected longer, but also protects your iPhone4. The status indicator also tells if you are receiving essential calls or have to send a vital email.


    • IWALK Chameleon introduces portable external battery for iPhone 4. . With the Input of 5V-0.5A . Output of 5V-0.5A, . Capacity of 2000mAh (Lithium-polymer) . With IWALK Chameleon Extended Battery, your iPhone4 can have 55hours of audio playback, 13hours of video playback, 9.5hours of talk time, and standby time of 400hours on iPhone4.

    Key Features:

    • Fully charge your iPhone 4 or 4Swith this high capacity, 2000mAh, lithium polymer battery
    • Last up to 500 full charges
    • 5 different color cases are available (White / Black / Pink / Lime / Yellow)
    • Designed not to interfere with your iPhone's camera or charging port
    • LED battery life meter display
    • Hand strap hole
    • Quick and easy syncing to iTunes
    • ON/OFF Switch
    • Charge via Micro USB Port (Cable included)

    Technical Specification:

    Compatability: Apple IPHONE 5

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