Wrapsol UltraFB Screen Protector Film Wrap for Apple iPhone 5

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    Wrapsol Ultra screen protector is the easiest to apply, strongest, smoothest and the most durable drop + scratch protection system system you can get for your iPhone 5 — without compromising its design integrity in any way. Made from advanced high strength polyurethane and using a 100% dry application process that actively releases air bubbles, Wrapsol Ultra installs in an instant and helps prevent everyday dings, dents and scratches, even damage from falls from up to 6 feet while preserving screen brilliancy and touch sensitivity.

    Your Wrapsol Ultra screen protector comes with a lifetime replacement warranty in recyclable packaging, with everything you need for an easy application.


    Key Features:

    • High-strength helps prevent impact & scratch damage
    • Preserves screen brilliancy & sensitivity
    • Glossy, optically clear screen protector
    • 100% polyurethane film (front screen only)
    • Microfiber towelette
    • Squeegee
    • Instructions


    Technical Specifications:



    • iPhone 5 only



    • Lifetime Wrapsol Warranty

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