Wrapsol PRIVACY Screen Filter Scratch Protection Front Screen Apple iPhone 4 4S

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    Its film is custom-cut to the curves and adopts a 4-way screen darkening concept that obscures side view and its anti-glare screen remains clear for direct view. Using a simple dry application process .


    Wrapsol Privacy installs in an instant and helps prevent everyday scratches, reduce smudges and cut screen glare while preserving screen sensitivity and keeping your personal information, private.

    Key Features:

    •  Durable yet thin, it retains the original & unique aesthetics of your device.
    •  Provides privacy + scratch protection.
    •  Anti-glare & anti-fingerprint.
    •  Preserves touchscreen sensitivity & response.
    •  Made in the United States using 100% recyclable & reusable packaging.

    Technical Specification:

    • Custom-cut film for iPhone 4 
    • Soft, reusable, lint-free microfiber towelette
    • Non-marking, flexible squeegee
    • The easiest-to-follow instructions in the industry

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